Turkey: Best Beaches 2015

Just imagine such a wonderful picture: lying in the sun and watching clear blue waters. Isn’t it tempting? Special for you we offer a top-selection of the best Turkish beaches of 2015.

Pamucak Beach


Kusadasi is one of the onshore Turkish towns, and just at that spot dark sandy Pamucak is stretching for about 5 km. These deserted lands give a marvelous chance of enjoying serene rest. And it is the place where Meander joins the Aegean Sea. The Pamucak Beach is sure to be an excellent corner for honeymoon to be spent.

Oludeniz Beach


Oludeniz or the so-called “Dead Sea” is a quiet settlement in the Mediterranean, situated 15 km to Fethiye. We recommend you to visit a neighbouring ghost-village with desolate houses and sacellums. By the way, due to the safety of natural landscapes, this place was recognized to be a national park. Travelers all over the world are certain to rejoice in watching gorgeous waterfalls and exotic flora here. Besides, there is a unique Butterfly Valley. And to crown it all, one of the best Turkish Beaches is situated in this area. Truly, Oludeniz is a great corner for families to rest.

Patara Beach


Patara is famous for its unique beach. Deserted lands, unusual for swinging Turkey, stretch for 20 km here. This corner presents the guests with clean white sand, crystal-clear sea waters and its wonderful intimity, which is so pleasant especially for couples. The other thing to be mentioned is strange fences on the territory of the beach, which occur to protect turtle nests. It is just the place where gigantic sea turtles lay eggs, and tiny younglings begin their sea adulthood.

Iztuzu Beach


Thanks to the conservation group efforts and volunteers’ activity Iztuzu is a beach joining sea turtles and tourists. The first are engaged by a unique ecosystem, whereas the second are caught by unusual natural surroundings and the turtles themselves as well. This sandy line is 4 km long and 150 m wide, situated in the estuary of the river Dalyan and lapsing into a vast water-logged delta. It takes about 20 minutes to get to this beach from the same-named town, a cozy place for singles.

Kaputas Beach


The Kaputas Beach or Kaputas Plaji is not so popular among the travelers, in spite of the fact that it is usually depicted in promo leaflets. It is a tiny beach, framed with high rocks, 7 km to the east of Kalkan where a narrow canyon turns to a small sandy spot. Before the road and the footway having been created the place was rather difficult to reach as well as now, so to say. You may take a car, a cycle or a minibus going along the shore from Kalkan to Kas to get to the Kaputas beach, a wonderful place for snorkeling.

Calis Beach


Calis, lying just in a few kilometers from such a picturesque and also over-peopled Turkish resort, Fethiye by name, stretches for 4 km and a bit. It’s not a common beach but an extemporary “holiday-village”, favoured by people of moderate means. Rather expensive Fethiye seems to “forbid” the existence of low-cost places for rest. But all the same Calis stands here not for the first year to please all the visitors with an excellent service.

So, if you are dreaming of lying on the fine sand or making a shot at paragliding, snorkeling or something like that, then choose some Turkish resort. And let our selection help you in searching for beaches, appropriate for your needs!

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