Top 8 Best Beaches in India

People say that having visited India once, you will be impressed for ever. Do you want to see it for yourself? Then look through this special TOP-8 Best Indian Beaches 2015 and find the place of your dream!



There is a great selection of beaches of all kinds in India. Each one is unique in its own way. You may find everything for a perfect rest here. Parties last till the very morning. Goa with its beaches attracts tourists particularly.

Varca Beach has a reputation for fantastic palmy groves. It is vast and clean, having nothing to do with welter or overcrowding. There are a lot of luxurious hotels. You are sure to get a great delight tasting a local cuisine with regional or European dishes. Isn’t it wonderful for families who are comfort-lovers?



The Goan have the highest quality of life; the region differs from India itself, in a greater degree resembling Europe. But it doesn’t minimize such an exotic nature of Goa. For example, you are likely to meet cows, quietly walking along the beach or even the centre of the town. The fact is that this animal is sacred and free to shift anywhere it does. The community here varies from hippies and rastas to numerous celebrities, with politicians, sportsmen and artists among them.



The Varcala Beach is situated not far from Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala which is a state in the south-west of India. The south part of it stretches along the quiet fishing-village, so it’s not a beach in its common meaning. It is more likely to be a pedestrian area for a livestock and the natives. As for the northern part, it is a full-fledged resort with all the attributes of the beach-life. But a small quantity of people here make the spot be still, silent and tranquil.



The picture of the Goan Palolem shows huge palm trees, mirroring in the ocean, a fine sandy beach, local shiplets, colourful crowds of hippyish youngsters and shack along the whole coast. No loud parties being held here, the place seems to be rather homely. The other name of the beach is Paradise. And, frankly speaking, it suits perfectly thanks to relaxing atmosphere of the place, quiet kayaking at the sea or the beach-creek, luxurious dawns and dusks, everything that is sure to excite admiration of Palolem guests, sitting on the rocks at the local beach. That is the whole entertainment story about this tranquil corner, a real miracle for honeymoon spending.



The Southern part of Goa occurs to be more peaceful and appropriate for the rest than its Northern one. A little village, Cavelossim by name, finds place between the Indian Ocean and the Sal, a beautiful river. It is one of the most expensive resorts of the Southern part of Goa, but not a centre of tourism. A remote and deserted beach with golden coarse sand invites to have a rest and swim. You may buy soft drinks at numerous shacks all over the beach. Sunloungers and umbrellas are free. All the entertainments are at the hotel territory. It’s a real pleasure for couples to rest here.



Andaman Islands have not been explored yet by the crowds of Russian travelers, seeking for entertainments and adventures. It is a secret world. Tourists reached this spot just a little while ago. Rainforests with rare species of birds and animals, snow-white deserted sandy beaches without umbrellas, sunloungers and what not, an emerald ocean and coral reefs are almost untapped by people. Only one third of the territory of Havelock, the island, is inhabited.



Are you fed up with dull rainy Autumn? Or, may be, dreaming of the pleasant sun during frosty winter nights? Then it’s high time to think of visiting the Southern part of Goa. The fact is that coastal tourism begins in October here. Canacona, the resort town, invites you to enjoy its beauty. Everyone will find a beach to his liking, there are noisy spots with multilingual babbling and quiet romantic deserted ones as well. If you want to be free of the town fuss, take a bungalow just near the water.



The Patnem Beach began to take in guests from about the 1980th. It is situated on the Southern end of Goa, belonging to India. If to compare it with the similar local places, we must say that Patnem is welcoming and rather solitary. Its area contains just 500 metres and it is accompanied with the only one lane with the dozen of holes-in-the-wall and tiny caffs. You may live just here taking a stony bamboo hut or a cany cabin for a small rental. And if you are hard up, don’t be upset! It is possible to stay overnight just on soft and warm sand of pastel shades, which is so challenging for singles.

Goa is suitable for snorkeling as well. The most exciting activity is to investigate old shipwrecks.
As you see, India presents us with a wide selection of fine and cozy corners. Craving for beaches with good sand and bright colourful views? Then Goa is waiting for you!

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