TOP-10 best resorts in Europe

Let us introduce you TOP-10 best resorts beaches in Europe 2015.

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  • The 10th place goes to Protaras (Cyprus), a wonderful place for couples and romantic persons as well. Fine golden sand and rocky bays of the Mediterranean with its rich turquoise colour are the most remarkable features of this corner. The most popular beach here is Fig Tree Bay. Cape Greco is sure to touch feelings of divers thanks to marine caves; as for starry-eyed fellows, they will be really impressed with picturesque villages and canonic mills.


  • The 9th place is for Albufeira (Portugal) with its soft climate and nice cuisine. It is dry and warm without particular heat in summer here. The average temperature is about 20 degrees centigrade. The resort is well-known for gorgeous marine dishes and a lot of pubs, cafes and nightclubs.


  • Fuerteventura (Spain) is taking the 8th place due to its being a real catch for good and quiet rest-lovers. It is situated on the most underpopulated island in the Canary Archipelago. Some time ago the spot was covered with thick forests but the Europeans cut over the larger half of them, so nowadays Fuerteventura resembles some sort of western scenery. The resort is famous for marvelous many miles-long beaches with light fine sand. Thanks to an excellent wind the area is highly-praised by windsurfers.


  • The 7th place goes to Sitges (Spain), the most popular gay-resort in Europe. Apart from gay-beaches it is appreciated for the picturesque nature, green hill slopes and warm and clean sea waters.


  • The 6th place is kept by Lagos (Portugal), an ideal spot for families to rest at. The beach, covered with clean golden sand, is fading into the sea with crystal-clear water. And marine stones are forming beautiful rocks.


  • The 5th place is taken by Formentera (Spain), a special spot for people, enjoying silence, inner peace and tranquility. It is famous for beaches, including Playa de ses Illetes with the cleanest sand ever and very clear water; Cala Saona, a bay with a view of the rock As Verde and the island of Ibiza; Playa des Pujols, a greenest corner.


  • The 4th place is for Dalyan (Turkey), situated in the influx of Dalyan, the river, into the Aegean Sea. German and English retirees have taken fancy to the town. You may enjoy watching ancient archeological sites and natural attractions as well, for example, the ruins of the city of Kaunos, Carian rock-cut tombs and Lake Köyceğiz. Besides, Dalyan presents you with a chance of watching sea turtles, carets, saying exactly, or hunting blue crabs. Isn’t it tempting, especially for singles?


  • The 3rd place goes to Ayia Napa (Cyprus), a gorgeous resort for lively-rest lovers. There are plenty of pubs, night clubs and what not. It is sure to be just the spot for the youth. By  the way, they usually call it “Ibiza, the second”. Besides, Ayia Napa must be a real Paradise for snorkeling; newcomers will be impressed with calm waters, as for experienced persons, they will enjoy observing rocky formations, ship wrecks or caves.


  • The 2nd place is kept by Mykonos (Greece). This island is characterized with its rich nature and some sort of Bohemian resorts. The climate is rather comfortable due to the winds. The average summer temperature is about + 25…+30 degrees centigrade.


  • And the top of the selection, the 1st place, is taken by Oludeniz (Turkey), a well-known national reserved area. The spot is surrounded with green rocky mountains from three sides. The beach of Ölüdeniz has such names as Cleopatra’s Beach or the Turtle Island. The second variant has appeared thanks to a possibility of watching turtles, lying in the sun.


So, all these points are really worth visiting, and it’s no matter if you are looking for a wonderful corner for honeymoon or a great region for company rest, you will be satisfied in any case.

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