Top 10 best resorts in Asia

Asia is a very picturesque region, varied in cultural, religious and natural aspects. Lost islands, exotic fruit, clerical centers and democratic prices, even those are not the only reasons for visiting this part of the world. For you not to be entrapped in such a web of traveling ideas, we offer a selection of the best Asian resorts 2015. Choose a variant to your liking from this TOP-10 and have a wonderful rest!

Phuket, Thailand


Phuket is the most popular resort of Thailand. There are marvelous beaches and hotels on one hand, and wats, sightseeing platforms, waterfalls and gardens on the other. You can easily find small coves to enjoy the intimity or hold a romantic date and club-pub streets, full of fuss, music and dancing as well. The island being connected with the continent, you can get to the other provinces or the capital of the country effortlessly.


  • A lot of entertainments, architectural and natural sights.
  • Fine beaches with waves, rarely great.


Places of interest and numerous shops are scattered all over the island. A person should take a taxi or hire a motorbike to get there. The first means are rather expensive, whereas the second ones are not so safe.

Boracay, The Philippines


It is a Philippine island, famous for the White Beach, one of the TOP-10 Best Beaches all over the world. There is a real caravan of pubs, massage parlours, giftshops and cafes, stretching along the spot. But it is not a place only for night life lovers; Boracay also invites divers and kite-surfers. You are sure to find perfect conditions for snorkeling here, observing the underwater world. As for kiting, Bulabog Beach always provides you with such a necessary steady wind.


  • It is possible to rent a bungalow just at the seashore.
  • The lack of criminality.


  • The lack of sightseeing.
  • It is rather wearisome to get to Boracay.

Hainan, China


Hainan, the island, gives you a chance of not only lying on the beach but also visiting numerous places of interest. For example, Ma’an Ridge Volcanic Crater (having a viewing deck). Craving for some thrilling entertainment? Visit the Dongshan Lake Tropical Safari Park. It is the area where wild animals such as bears, lions and tigers are walking in natural conditions, and the tourists are watching them when driving a jeep. Besides, Hainan, the province, is a large center of cultural life with a lot of festivals, holding the whole year round. A marvelous place for families to have a rest, we must say.


There is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Center where you are able to reinstate and have some spa-treatment.


Hainan, the island, is popular enough among the natives, that is why the beaches may be a bit overcrowded, especially in the evenings and during the peak season.

Langkawi, Malaysia


Langkawi, the island in Malaysia, is situated in the archipelago, consisting of 100 isles. Here you can feel yourself like a discoverer and enjoy snow-white beaches and comfortable hotels as well. Rocks, caves, waterfalls and lakes are in a close neighbourhood with resort complexes and local sightseeing. The most popular ones are a famous ropeway and Langkawi Sky Bridge just over the jungle.


Langkawi is a free zone.


Powerful ebbs and flows.

Sri Lanka


Tea gardens, elephants, golden beaches with sprawling palmy trees, ancient wats and statues, all these picturesque things are on a small island, lost in the Indian ocean in the neighbourhood of continental India. You may relax and enrich yourself spiritually joining aromatherapy and acquaintance with Buddhistic and Hindu studies. Water skis, underwater fishing, surfing and kiting are offered specially for adventure travelers.


A lot of excursions and plenty of natural and architectural places of interest.


  • Annoying beach teasers, wishing to sell you anything.
  • Bad roads and unfavourable transition between settlements as a reason.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam


Phu Quoc is the jewel in the crown of Vietnam. The major part of the island being a national park, it is possible to save local primeval flora and fauna. On the contrary, good hotels and beach complexes provides the tourists with the blessings of civilization. Besides, Phu Quoc is a well-known center of diving with the largest dive-school in Vietnam. And the prices for the equipment and coach services are rather democratic at the same time. As for singles, they prefer to take in water sport just here.


Luxurious beaches, untapped nature, rich sea underworld.


It is rather difficult to get to the spot.

The Maldives


The resorts of the Maldives are one of the most luxurious places in the whole Asia. It is the spot to realize your dream of the Edenic rest. Azure lagoons, white sandy beaches, clear blue sky, comfortable country houses and tropic fruit are created to present you with idyllic holidays. It is a wonderful variant for honeymoon spending. Beach relaxation or swinging in the hammock are not the only activities; you may choose canoeing, twin-hull boating, water skiing, yachting or even snorkeling and diving.


Solitary beaches. Reefs around the island suit diving perfectly.


Few entertainments and excursions.

Bali, Indonesia

Frankly speaking, Bali beaches are not the best ones in Southeast Asia but they are ideal for surfing and kiting. Moreover, there are excellent conditions for spa-relaxation in the atmosphere of peace and pure exotica. This spot is really worth visiting. You are sure to be pleased with a gorgeous mix of culture, religion, art and tropic nature.


A great choice of excursions and plenty of natural and architectural places of interest.


No fine beaches. Strong tides and waves.

Ko Samui, Thailand

It is the second Thai island after Phuket, appreciated by the tourists. Ko Samui is so popular for accommodation, suiting any taste, fine sandy beaches, picturesque creeks, wats and democratic prices for goods and services. The highlight of this island is a chance of renting a bungalow just on the sea shore. For couples it may occur to be the best rest ever.


There is a special meditation center, Dipabhavan by name, for a seven-day course of silence and yoga-lessons.


Strong tides.

Kerala, India

Goa is known to be bright and fussy; on the contrary, Kerala is breathing with love, peace and harmony. If you are looking forward to trying relaxation, Ayurvedic medicine, spa and massage, this Indian state will satisfy all your needs. Besides, you are able to enjoy beach entertainments, excursions and shopping here.


The territory is clean and comfortable. A wide range of landmarks.


The hotels are situated on the hills, that is why you should constantly walk up and down. Night life is practically missing.

So, you may choose any place according to your taste and budget. It is no matter if you are looking for beaches or interesting sights, this selection is certain to satisfy all your desires.

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