Top 10 beaches in Brazil

Are you looking forward to having an unforgettable rest in Brazil? Then this TOP-10 of the best local beaches 2015 is just in time for you.



As you know, Brazil is the country of sensational carnivals, football, handsome machos and beauties. Besides, it’s a motherland of wild monkeys. And anyway, there are a lot of corners with practically savage scenery. During a couple of decades a noteless fishing-village near Fortaleza has become widely-known. It was affectionately named Jeri, meaning “a turtle paw” in one of the Indian dialects. The spot is crawling with these animals, by the way.



To visit Rio de Janeiro was a dream of a famous literary personage, Ostap Bender by name. In his thoughts it was a holiday-city with men-in-white living there. As for Copacabana, it is the place where near-nude persons are usual. Needless to say that bodies, clad in bikini, are walking in the streets, visiting shops and relaxing in hotels everywhere here. And no one is surprised when watching it. Isn’t it tempting for singles to come to this unforgettable bright spot?

Ilha Grande


It takes you a couple of hours to get by ferry from Rio to the Isle of Ilha Grande. Some time ago the place wasn’t so popular among other hundred of islands in the Atlantic. The only remarkable sight was a maximum security prison. But now with the “all-out attack” of the civilization people have begun dreaming of wild regions, where untapped nature has been ruling. Local picturesque landscapes are just of that kind.



Parati is a perfect combination of historical architecture and splendid beaches. This colonial town is saturated with evergreen spirit of freedom and creativity. During the 17-18th centuries the area served as a pirate’s harbor for those hunting for treasures of the natives, in the 1960s the beach got a fame among hippies, and nowadays it occurs to be a shelter for artistic Bohemia.



If you are fond of beach-parties, lively dancing, sea bathing and extreme water sports, this corner will impress you greatly. There are a lot of popular cozy grounds on the coast and lonely uncivilized spots as well. It is really a miraculous region for honeymoon to be spent.



It is considered to be a touristic centre of the whole Brazil. Having grown out from a Portuguese fort, in the course of history the town mixed traditions and cultures of the Indians, Portuguese, Dutchmen and Frenchmen. A modern atmosphere of metropolitan cities is getting along with colonial charm perfectly. So the place attracts plenty of tourists due to its historical past. Natal is a real catch for families interested in cultural tourism.

Porto da Barra


Don’t you want to have a rest in a samba-like rhythm? Then a Brazilian city of Salvador welcomes you! Brazil is known to be a country of holidays, taking 8 months a year, with endless festivity, night entertainments, discos, delicious food and moonlit walking. And all of this are taking place just on the beach. Such a miraculous atmosphere can’t but set up everyone on lively dancing. It is hard to believe that a couple of centuries ago there was a market place of slaves. The only reminder stayed here is colonial buildings.

Porto de Galinhas


This strange name was given by Portuguese hundreds years ago. It means “The Chickens’ Port” and connected with slave transportation. So you will see no hens in the local streets. People are coming here to lie on the snow-white sand in the shadow of mangroves and coconut trees, and bathe in warm sea waters.



Do you wish to turn your usual vacation to ever-exciting holiday? Then come to Florianopolis, the capital of “white” state, Santa Catarina by name, located on the same-named island in Brazil. It’s so easy to get there: you needn’t visa. Besides, you may take as much native of foreign exchange as you want. Just take and spend, enjoy careless living. The longest monkey bridge connects the town and the continent. The settlement is surrounded with 42 beaches, situated in cozy bays and picturesque lagoons. In comparison with noisy grey metropolitan cities the spot is a real Paradise with wild tropical forests, waterfalls, splendid endless strandlines of white sand and crystal-clear waters and luxurious hotels on the shore. The corner prepares absolute relaxation for families and for couples as well.

Praia do Sancho


This wonderful spot is located on the island, Fernando de Noronha by name. You may be surprised when knowing that years ago there was a maximum security prison for criminals from the continent. Isn’t it amazing? But now it is a gorgeous resort under the guardianship of UNESCO. May be, it is the very reason for the place saving such a marvelous nature, as it had many centuries ago.

So, Brazilian resorts will satisfy all your desires. It is no matter if you are looking for a place for snorkeling or just wishing to visit a dazzling carnival. And besides, you are sure to find here the best sandy corners ever if you are seeking for beaches.

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