Best Luxury Resorts in the Maldives

Dreaming of a great time in the Maldives? Specially for you we’ve prepared a TOP-selection of the best beaches 2015, nice regions for couples and for families as well to holiday.

Conrad Rangali

This marvelous beach belongs to the same-name hotel, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort to say exactly, which occupies the whole isle. It is something much more wonderful than Garden of Eden. This gorgeous spot resembles a fantastic illustration to places for relaxation which will be adored by our future issue. They seem to be situated on some strange exotic planets. But anyway, this beautiful corner is on the Earth, on the Maldives to be particular. The sand almost makes one’s eyes achy with its whiteness. The water is crystal-clear. And all this beauty is framed with the tropical exuberant foliage round about. You may rent a hotel room for honeymoon intimacy or enjoy a romantic atmosphere alone if you wish.

Atoll Ari

This atoll, situated in the Maldives, consists of a chain of splendid little isles. There are various hotels, touristic centers and settlements of the natives. As for beaches, occurring in this archipelago, they are sure to impress every person with their unique beauty. Snow-white sand and crystal water can’t but please even sophisticated travelers. Coral reefs around are said to be a Paradise for snorkeling thanks to a rich population of sea creatures. Divers are permanently under the water here, observing the depths.

The Maldives are certain to be a gorgeous corner even for singles. And don’t you want to communicate with this miracle?

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