Best Beaches in the World

Every tourist chooses the vacation spot according to their preferences. Someone searches for the ideal place for snorkeling, so the underwater world is very important here. Some place, which seems boring for singles, becomes perfect for families. Newly married couples need a beautiful and romantic place for honeymoon.

Some tourists are not very interested in the quality of sand and quantity of beach chairs around, because they only have a need for beaches. Others dream about the flawless vacation and want everything to be perfect around them.

Families with children have the biggest difficulties while choosing the vacation spot, because they need something safe and entertaining. The most remarkable sign proving the best quality of this or that beach is the blue flag. Blue flag beaches guarantee safety, clear water, clean sand, clean restroom facilities, lifeguards and lifesaving equipment. They are free from industrial wastes and it is forbidden to let animals into the sea in this territory.

Only those beaches, which correspond with 33 criteria, are awarded with blue flag. This improves their positive reputation and attracts tourists. For example, Italy has blue flag beaches.

Some tourists like to explore the world themselves. Egypt or Italy is too boring for them. They want to climb on the very top and find all the best on their own. Freedom of choice is what they need. They search for the most magnificent landscapes, the clearest sea, the cleanest sand.

Our top 8 is dedicated to you, if you want to find the most appropriate variant yourself. We will just describe the world’s beaches and with our help you will make the perfect choice. Our rating is based upon reviews and opinion of many different tourists. The list consists of famous places and unknown beautiful spots.


eaa78f9f76d4c0787dbacb5d5d50e44e Lanikai_Beach_Hawaii p2031035026-3

It’s the real paradise for tourists, a famous vacation spot. The vast beaches are equipped with everything necessary. The choice of entertainment is enormous. There are so many possibilities for active or passive rest. The best beach of Hawaii is Waikiki, which you will find on the island of O’ahu. This magnificent spot is filled with luxurious restaurants, hotels and yacht clubs. Here tourists enjoy the permanent action, that’s why this place is good for couples and singles.

Lanikai Beach is better for families, because the local life is much calmer than at Waikiki. This beach has soft white sand. The sea landscape is extremely beautiful and Mokulua islands are seen from there.

Surfing lovers go to Banzai Pipeline, on the north shore of O’ahu island. Here the waves are extremely high, especially in winter. Tourists also love to watch hunch-backed whales migrating from Alaska.  The best days for vacation in Hawaii are May and June. Within those 2 months the weather and the sea are warm and pleasant.


Caribbean3 caribbean-island-second-home cimage_12db537f95-thumbb

It seems that those islands were created especially for rest and relaxation. Calm bays are unbelievable, the sand is so soft and there is absolutely no industry around. Some islands are situated in the comfortable climate zone, so they are perfect for vacation the year round. So if you have not decided where you will have a vacation in 2015, just go to the Caribbean!

Every tourist finds the favorite type of entertainment there. Nightclubs and restaurants are everywhere! Pink Sands Beach stretches along Harbor island’s shore. The sand is pink, it looks magnificent! Since the territory does not have a big number of hotels here, this place is not crowded, so if you are there, you will be enjoy the view and no one will disturb you. Other beaches are more crowded, for example Aruba Beach, Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. They are equally good for families with children and for singles.

The landscape of these beaches is fascinating, the sea and the sand are just amazing! The most appropriate season for going to the Caribbean is from December to May. At that period the weather is warm, the sea is warm too.


plyazh-ostrova-ilya-grande-v-brazilii-thumb-01 plyazh-prajya-do-sancho-v-brazilii-thumb-1 plyazh-zherikoakoara-v-brazilii-thumb-02

Copacabana Beach can be found in Rio de Janeiro. This spot is worldwide famous. Lively latin music sounds there all the time. Long beaches of Brazil energize tourists, but still there are some calm and quiet spots, for example, Fernando de Noronha island, located to the north-west from the continent. This spot will be especially admired by those who go in for snorkeling. The island’s beaches are located in small bays, here there are many dolphins and it’s so interesting to watch them! Brazil’s beaches are perfect tourist destinations almost the year round, only three winter months are not the best period.


seychelles4 Seychelles-Island

Thanks to its comfortable location and perfect climate the Seychelles islands promise the unforgettable and exotic vacation. This place is famous for snorkeling – tourists love to explore the beautiful underwater world full of colorful turtles and exotic fish.

The archipelago has only few villas, so the vacation here is most comfortable for couples, because no one will ever disturb them from the romantic vocation. Fregate island private is the most sophisticated and exclusive vacation spot. Bird Island Lodge is a perfect place for honeymoon, thanks to the romantic atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and unusual birds and turtles.

The best seasons are spring and fall. The weather is just perfect and the most comfortable at that period.


Constance-Halaveli-Maldives-Resort-28 maldives-resort-island 130312_conrad_maldives_rangali_resort_01__r

The lowest country on the planet is the Republic of Maldives! Beaches of Maldives look unusual. Emerald lagoons with sandy bottom and clear sea. There are so many unforgettalbe things that tourists can do there! This place attracts people who go in for beaches, snorkeling, boating, relaxing. The Maldives can’t be called the crowded spot, so it is the most comfortable place for singles, who prefer relaxing alone.

If a newly married couple arrives there for honeymoon, they can rent the whole island.

When going to the islands of Maldives, don’t forget sunblocks – they will be useful there. The best season for going to Maldives is from November to April. At that period the weather is not very hot.


goa_india_olcsó_repjegy goa-beach1 north-india-goa-beach-tour goa4_1

India beaches are not so crowded as vacation spots in Europe or in the USA. The beaches are wild, beautiful and very long there. You can walk for many miles along the coastline. Tourism infrastructure is only being developed there, but still there are already some hotels, restaurants.

Palolem Beach, located in Goa, is famous for the palm groves, restaurants and huts, situated along the coastline. The atmosphere is unusual and exotic there. India offers tourists entertainment which can never be felt anywhere else.

Varkala beach can be found in Kerala. This famous place has beautiful landscapes. The sunsets are unforgettable and marvelous there. It’s also interesting to watch the local traditions and holidays. It’s important and necessary to respect the local’s traditions. The best season for visiting India is from November to March. The weather is the most comfortable during this period.


shutterstock_95953273 007271-01-outdoor-pool-beach1 beach-Asia-2015

Cozy beaches with clean sand, calm sea and coconut palms are located in bays of the South China Sea. Tourists are attracted by beautiful shores of the islands. The most magnificent place is White Beach, which you will find on Boracay island belonging to the  Philippines. This place is divided onto 3 various parts, where tourists have fun, enjoy swimming.

Pasir Giam and Emerald Bay, located in Malaysia’s Pangkor island, are fascinating and very popular. Haad Riin Beach, located on Ko Phangan island, is full of various kinds of entertainment and fun. As you see, this region offers tourists a wide choice of beaches, so everyone will surely be able to make up the mind about the brilliant vacation 2015. The best period for vacation there December and January. While it’s cold winter in the Northern hemisphere, Southeast Asia offers warmth and sunlight.


14557 Le-Meridien-Bora-BoraAerial 86ed30d77914401eda7c406230526cc4

French Polynesia is the place, offering the perfect place for vacation and relaxation. Bora Bora island has clean lagoons and beautiful mountains, amazing landscapes and warm sea. The vacation at Bora Bora is full with various exotic rituals and traditions. Tourists have fun while swimming in the ocean, feeding the fish.

French Polynesia consists of about 100 islands, and Bora Bora is just a small part of it, but tourists consider this island the best place ever. Matira Beach is the most popular part of Bora Bora, it has everything necessary for comfortable and happy vacation. The best season for visiting Bora Bora is from June to November.

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