Best beaches in Spain

Who wants to have a rest unforgettably in the unique natural corner, this place in Spain is for you. It is remembered by travellers for a long time. The golden sand and the clean water are refreshed by the fresh breeze. The people who have a rest here always want to take the pictures of the amazing sunsets. When you look at these photos at home you will come to the Bolonia Beaches again.

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In Spain, there are wonderful cityBenidorm at the Mediterranean.  There are also the other resorts near here, but Benidorm deserves the special attention. Here you will have a good opportunity to rest comfortably. The other cities come short of it.

Here the quantity of citizens is usually more than 70 thousand people, but by the summer it grows twice. The impressive number of high quality hotels attracts tourists from different countries.


There is Macarella Beach In Spain on Minork among Balearic Islands. This Island is the place of natural blessedness, untouchable by human. The clear sky, azure sea, the pretty white sand, the small items of bays, which surrounded by the rocks are worth of your attention.

There are lots of mountains, the dense forests, the pine trees and fabulous little flowers.  There are almost no roads but there are only narrow and wandering paths.  It is easy to go by foot all around Minork. You can reach the beautiful beaches by car and then scramble a few kilometers trhought the rocks and that is fun.


The Spanish town Illetes is not very big. It is situated at the rocks of the Mediterranean on the famous Majorka. This resort is different from the other in Spain. It attracts those who prefer to seclude in the calm place for rest. It is perfect for Honeymoon or for couples. In translation Illetes means the islets. There are three spectacular crowned rocks. This place is for families with children who needn’t the noise and crowd. Such quite is not suitable for everyone, because there are no department stores and restaurants.

The climate of Illetes is moderate. It defers a little bit from the typical Spanish weather. The holiday is good in summer and in winter too. There is no exhausted heat and Siberian frost here. In summer it is +26 degrees and in winter it is +8.  The sun shines from the end of winter till the end of autumn.


Ranjiroa is the nice city, which is defended by the cape. Here you can visit the great choice of sand beaches. The famous Park Aventura elates everybody. The gardens and parks, and also bays and rocks balance with everything. When the sun goes down, the fountains are illuminated and the city looks mysteriously. The tourists walk, visit clubs, smiles. The Pubs in English traditions for visitors work here.

The soft Mediterranean climateand unique beauty of nature are not all. The port of the city was here the times of Greeks and Romans. Can you imagine? The spirit of ages left its trace.


Sa Rapita Beach on Majorca is the calm and sequestering place for lazy rest. This is conserved area with picturesque dunes protected by the law. There are no huge hotels; however it is situated not far from the capital of the island. The shelter can be rent in a few bungalows and villas. The beach is amazing. The sand is milk color and crystal-clear azure water.

Puerto Del Carmen

In its past Puerto Del Carmen Beach was a small fishing village. Now it is the modern resort center with luxury hotels, the entertaining public places, numerous restaurants and marvelous beaches. The soft climate, which permanent for every season temperature and closeness to Arresiphe attracts tourists here.  The center of entertainment is on the main street Avenida-de-las-Playas.

Playa de lasTeresitas

Looking at this golden beauty of sandy beach, it is difficult to believe, that there is the ground covering with the black volcanic ash under the sand. Well, the sandfor beaches is taken on Tenerife. It was delivered in the bags from Sahara. Thus, the popular Las Teresitas beachappeared. There is always crowded. The beach infrastructure is developed. It is perfect place for snorkeling. It is comfortable for children. The stone dike which stretched along the coast protects the beach from waves.

Playa del ingles

Grand-Canary is populous island. There is living almost a half of population of whole Canary Islands. It is not surprising that the beaches are crowded here. If you look at this beach from the top it seems the huge multicolor ant hill is moving under your feet. You can see here the different nationalities and status beachgoers. This beach is for families, for children and for youth with different gender-orientations. Nevertheless, the traditional beach rest is in the afternoon.


This beach is visited not for a long time. There are no any facilities and entertainment. People just want to see another natural miracle. There is a beach, sea salt water, and even waves, but there is no sea. Actually the small piece of ocean seeped through the rocks and got in the small cleft but it left here.  Thus it was made the small oceanic beach without oceanic cost. It looks like a Turkish baths under the sea.

Playa de los Amadores

It is strange but Grant Canary is loved by the German tourists. There are lots of products and food from Germany in the local shops. There is another one moment to this idyllic picture. Dear women if you cannot stand the rivalry you shouldn’t go there with your man. This Island is favorite place for blue guys of different peoples. They are the main beachgoers. That’s why you will be a minority here with your normal gender orientation.


The resort town Nerja attracts the lovers of calm rest. It is known for its amazing calves which are fulfilled by stalactites and stalagmites. La Cueve de Nerja is held here. The traditional Andalusian spirit is saved here. There are not high small white houses with narrow small balconies, the plants and sinuous streets here. The descent to the sea leads to the sightseeing platform. Here is beautiful view of the adjacencies. Even the name is convenient the Balcony of Europe. Two municipal beaches are sequestering.

Praia de AugasSantas

In the North of Spain, in Galicia had lived Celtic tribes. The unique Gallic was saved here. And also people say that near the modern city Compostel   was buried apostle Yaakov. Is it true or not? It is obviously that it is not coincidently lots of names of Galicia have prefix “san” that means saint. The ways of pilgrim spread here. The palmers come to the saint places. It is not exception the beaches in this part of Spain.


Magalluf on Majorca is the city which hasn’t the local colour. Such city can be placed everywhere in the world. There are non-stop parties, night clubs, clubbish set and promiscuous crowd of youth from the Great Britain, Italy and of course from Russia. The English prevails. All the sign, inscriptions and menus are in English. The service staff doesn’t speak Russian.


Port-de-alcudia Beach is placed cozy in the north-east of neighborly Spanish island Majorca, in cognominal bay. It can be called the beginning of the series smoothly changed each other, spread along some kilometers to the east on the snow-white tender sand beaches. It is suitable for children.

The call to the sea is gradual and you have to go a few hundred meters to the depth. It is perfect for the little children. People organize the color holidays and sand exhibitions here. You can delight shiny yachts and boats in the ports, order boat tour, get to Old City and walk along the wandering terracotta sandy back streets, sniff inimitable smell of the ancient stone buildings heated under the sun.


It is situated in the city of Ferries on the cost of Menorca. CalaGaldana Beach is the bay in the surrounding of the high rocks with azure water. Four hundred meters of golden sand attracts the crowds of people. You won’t see the exotic plants, animals and birds here. The Beach in the surrounding of village nature, the pine trees are everywhere. And the high level of humidity attracts the eagles and ducks.

Morro Jable

The global known Canary Islands are the best and the most famous place for rest, cruise or wedding. The legends are composed about these sunny beaches. The dozens of Canarias beaches are different from each other. They are unique.  The best beach is spread along Fuerteventura Island. It is called Morro Hubble.  The beach sweeps 12 kilometers along the cost. The feet sink in the golden sand and it is easy to see the small fish in water. Near the beach is set the huge lighthouse. Its high is some dozens of meters. There are lots of palm trees on the beach and you can shelter in their shade.

Las Salinas

The most south of Ibiza beaches is Las Salinas which was called thanks to its salt plantation where produced salt is for industrial cosmetics production. This beach is famous for its loose-democratic temper. It is probably to meet young clubbers, ageless hippies and nudes. Las Salinas excludes the discrimination and shelters everyone who is ready to take of the clothes without special figure. The local nude sunbathing influences on the health, the water is full of useful minerals and sand mixes with salt.


Sitges was the small fishing village. There was the church on the beach.  At the moment it is not big old city which is situated in one of the Spanish bays. It is exactly here situated the famous beach Sitges.  You can rent beach umbrellas and comfortable loungers.  For your safety it is placed the signs as color flags.  The green color flags say about safe bathing, the yellow color ones are about probable danger, red color of flag is prohibition of bathing.


It is not occasionally Mitjana Beach is considered to be one of the best in Spain. It is sequestering area not far from Galdana Beach near marvelous Fererries. It may be the perfect place for calm rest for families and for children.There is no crowd of tourists. It is surrounded by the green forest. Mintjana Beach has petty snow white sand mixed with azure fresh sea water.  The water and air are crystal clear.


It is lovely place for singles and for couples of blue guys but also brave people, who are opened and without complex. It is usual for this place to see such people here because Cavallet is official shelter for nudes. You can find here full freedom and understanding which are accompanied by loud music, cold fresh alcohol drinks, juices, fresh juices and traditional food at the coastal restaurants.

Las Palmas

It is situated on the territory of city-resort of Las Palmas Grand Canary which is the capital of the Canary Islands, Spain. The beach is equipped by the facilities for rest. There is everything for people who have a vacation. Las Palmas Beach is in the small bay that is why the waves don’t trouble the visitors. The sand is shiny golden as it was burned by the hot Spanish sun.

Palma Nova

You can get to Palma de Majorca by plane of various airlines and then it is close to Palma Nova Beach. The municipal beach with the same name is near here.  Actually there are three beaches in Palma Nova. They differ from each other by their services and facilities.

Menorca Island

Menorca Island, in Spain is the place which ancient the Phoenicians called the island of thousand lights. It is not exactly known what the lights were watched by them but its name stayed. Lately the lights were burned by people near their small snow white calciferous houses.

Menorca Island

It is situated in the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. The territory has more than 120 beaches with the length 128 kilometers. The main beaches are sandy with the high quality of water. The cost is surrounded by the pine trees which are the local sightseeing. Menorca Island is known by its capital because the city of Mayon connects with the word mayonnaise. In 1756 the port San-Felippe was captured by the duke Richelieu. In 1758 the British came here. The French almost hadn’t food only the eggs and oil. They were full of omelet and the chief made an experiment. He blended the eggs with olive oil and this mixture flavored by the various herbs and salt. Everybody was glad with it and it was called mayonnaise.

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