Best beach resorts in UAE

If you are dreaming of resting in United Arab Emirates, this information is sure to interest you. This is a top-selection of the best beaches 2015 in UAE.

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Do you know the most remarkable beach area in Dubai? Surely, it is Jumeirah, a perfect corner for singles and for couples as well. The resort is known as some sort of manmade work of art. The fact is that being created by people the local isles resemble palmy trees in shapes. You will find holidays to be rather emotional, different from monotonous daily-routine. Here everyone catches a great chance of feeling oneself younger.


This urban beach, located in UAE, is not a monolithic area. All the territory is divided into independent sections. Some of them are free, rather numerous, so to say, and the other part is fee-paying. Besides, there is a special individual place for little kids. It is just the turning point for families to choose Abu-Dhabi. You will have a wide variety of places for relaxation, lying both on the sand and on the grass, under the sun or in the tree-shadow. Isn’t it a good choice, especially for honeymoon spending?

In addition, we’d like to mention good opportunities for snorkeling. The most appropriate time is from January till February, when the waters are clean and transparent. We hope that this short selection will be helpful for those who are hunting for beaches in UAE.

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