Best Beach Resorts in Great Britain

Visiting the United Kingdom, you are likely to relax on the shore as well, aren’t you? So enjoy our special TOP-10 of the best local beaches 2015.

Durdle Door


This spot, located in the south of Great Britain, corresponds to traditional English minimalism and elegance completely. There are no amusement rides, stalls, boisterous outlets, animators and other things of this kind. The most remarkable sight, which is a real natural miracle so-to-say,  is a local rocky archway, born of the calcareous rock. The beach is likely to be intended for the wild rest, tourists with tents craving for relaxed atmosphere and reuniting with nature.



It is situated on the way to Dingle, the peninsula, in Ireland. The most impressive thing here is marvelous coves. Both tourists and sailors have been admiring this spot for long centuries. The peninsula seems to save his own original mood, reacting against people activities. It often rains here, besides, the wind is choppy due to the impact of the Atlantic Ocean. But you need not worry, as the weather, in general, is rather comfortable, and the temperature hardly has ever been below zero. It is a fine place for families and for singles as well, everyone will enjoy sandy beaches, mountains, meadows with sheep browsing here.



There is a county of Pembrokeshire, surrounded by the sea, on the south-west of Wales. The coast line is honeycombed with a lot of creeks and bays and populated with marine birds, making their nests here. The area is included into the seaboard national park. The corner, the region of Pembrokeshire to say exactly, is adored by English film-directors, and the local picturesque scenes are sure to beautify many famous movies.



The strandline, stretching for about 7 miles, is located on the British shore, in the northern part of the county of Cornwall. This nice coast, surrounded with impressive cliffs and coves, is believed to be one of the most picturesque sea shores of Great Britain. Everyone is sure to enjoy the golden fine sand here. Newquay has its own romantic spirit, well-suited for couples.



As for beaches, The British Tenby has worked up a reputation of a cleanest and safest place of relaxation on the island, having taken an ecological prize of “Blue Flag” several times. There are 3 zones with their own special characteristics here. The northern part of the coast, surrounded with splendid rocks, is the most popular among the tourists. You can find everything to comfort yourself, including stalls, cafes, WCs and also a Life Saving Service. In Summer the spot may be a bit over-crowded.



It is situated not far from the town of Leverburgh on the southern coast of the Isle of Harris in Scotland. This spot being a conservation area, tourists, who are fond of wild camping, adore resting here. If you prefer travelling with a tent and sleeping bag to a common beach comfort, this place, away from the hullabaloo, will suit you perfectly. Just resting alone with nature.

Portelet Bay


This cozy spot, located on the southern shore of the Isle of Jersey, the warmest British isle, is famous for the soft golden sand. You will have a fine bathe, especially during the flow, and exciting walk among magnificent rocks. Moreover, it’s an excellent corner for snorkeling. In the bay there are some convenient natural basins, formed by sea cliffs, where children may bathe.



This English beach is frequently compared with some fragment of the Mediterranean, moved to the British coast. The long-distance sandy strandline occurred to be hidden behind high sea cliffs which are giving a shelter to this tiny Paradise. Just due to such a specific position, the spot pleased tourists with peculiar climate and extremely warm waters.



This corner, located in the south of the island, is called “The Golden Sands of Great Britain”. Stretching for a few kilometers, the strandline is considered to be the second home of surfers, who are greatly impressed with powerful Atlantic waves. The competitions between experienced sailboards and newcomers are usually held here. If your partner is fond of extreme water sports this place may occur to be the perfect area for honeymoon spending.

Balnakeil Bay


There is a cliffy cape, situated to the North of Durness, with its western part featuring a luxurious shore with sandy dunes. So we are speaking about Balnakeil Bay. This marvelous spot is easy to reach walking along a narrow path, stretching west of Durness.

To crown it all, look through this list once more and choose a beach to your liking. Have a nice rest!

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