9 Best Malaysia Beach Resorts

Are you thinking of having a wonderful rest in Malaysia? Is one of the most desirable points the existence of fine sand and neighbouring waters? Then enjoy the TOP-9 best Malaysian beaches 2015 and choose the place to your liking.

The Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is the most picturesque spot near Port Dickson. It is famous for both gorgeous scenery and sport facilities as well. Enjoy resting on this beach if you are longing for snorkeling, water ski, rowing, wind-surfing and what not. Unusual thick forests, surrounding the Lagoon, can’t but impress you. And, of course, there are hotels with the service of international level here.


The Tioman

Tioman, the island, is the largest state of Malaysia, with a population of about 2 hundred people only. This place is inhabited by tourists mainly. Everyone is certain to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Tioman, the island shape resembles a napping dragon. According to the local legend, the Dragon-princess was flying over this spot on the way to her lover, living in Singapore. The princess was so much impressed with a wild beauty of the region that she decided to stay here craving Gods to turn her into the isle. So this is the story of Tioman’s birth. It is sure to be one of the best islands all over the world. The finest beaches, left unscathed by the civilization, and purity of creeks and waterfalls as well, that’s the reason for Tioman’s belonging to the conservancy area, so you are to pay 5 ringgits to visit it. Enjoy this tranquil place without noise and fussy get-togethers, the place where time seems to stand still, a perfect world for honeymoon.


The Lankayan Island

A tiny isle Lankayan, situated in Malaysia, is a real incarnation of calmness. It is the place where white sandy spot is surrounded with fairily-inviting jungle. Besides, it is difficult to believe in its being a most beckoning corner for diving. But this is the point; a great amount of various sea creatures raptures everyone here. Untapped coral reefs shelter numerous baby-fishes, rarest species of shells and octopuses as well. At first the island may scare tourists with its solitude or remoteness but it isn’t really so. Everyone lacks nothing here.


The Batu Ferringhi

Do you know a Malaysian resort of the highest level? It is situated on the island, Penang by name. There is a rather small town Batu Ferringhi with its well-known beach, dazzling and mesmerizing. Tourists may try different kinds of water rest, enjoy merry night parties or restaurants and hotels of high class.

The beach length is over 2 km. Its neat territory makes it possible to relax completely. Frankly speaking, the bottom slope is sharp and changing here, that’s the reason for the waves being delayed at the distance so one may swim comfortably. The local tropical nature is sure to charm everybody. And there is a Cultural Centre of Penang, created as a park and presenting tourists with the culture of this population, in the neighbourhood.


The Terengganu

The most peculiar features of Malaysian Terengganu are untapped coral reefs, pleasant sandy beach-zones and fishing villages. And what is it remarkable for? You may be impressed greatly with clear water swimming, accompanied by amazing leatherbacks. The size of a largest specie surpasses 2.5 m. In summer they are busy with laying eggs and taking care of the younglings. It is rather interesting to watch such educational scenes. So the local beaches are sure to be some kind of ideal ones with slight bottom slopes and a shallow depth, a perfect spot for swimming. Sea cliffs have attractive caves, challenging to observe them. Your desire being to find a wonderful corner for family rest, you should choose this picturesque place.


The Sipadan

Sipadan, the Malaysian island, occupies an area of 20 ha. It is covered with jungle mostly, as for the coast there is a neat sandy beach. Thanks to the highland country everyone is certain to be pleased with different sorts of diving activities here. Besides, the local fauna is marvelous with dazzling birds of colourful marking on the shore, unusual robber crabs or turtles, hammerhead and whale sharks underseas. Barracudas likes a warm undercurrent in these parts. So the regional magnetic beauty is strongly associated with the one of Australian Great Barrier Reef. Corals, untapped by civilization, fish and turtles, living here, create a magic atmosphere for divers as if the world of fantasy, fairy-tales and animation come to life. It is possible to dive from both the shore and boats as well. This spot is a real catch for singles and sea adventure-seekers.


The Langkawi

Langkawi, the island in Malaysia, is famous for gorgeous beaches and excellent conditions for rest. This is the corner, occupying attention of Russian tourists in increasing frequency. It is so easy to meet one on a local beach. By the way, there is even a Russian market, organized by the Uzbeks thanks to some strange quirk of fate. The beaches, situated practically along the whole circular length of the island, differ from one another with a service-level, civilization extent and chance to get any entertainment.


The Pangkor

Do you wish to join the company of the rich and celebrities all over the planet during your holidays? Then the Pangkor Beach is the place you need. Just at that spot there is a well-known Malaysian hotel resort, consisting of national cabins, Pangkor Laut Resort by name. As you know, the Malaysians were building houses or kelongs in azure-emerald waters of the Bay of Bengal. So this is the pattern, according to which the outstanding resort was built. But you should remember that the comfort level is perfect here, designed for “the Great of the World”. It is a gorgeous place for couples dreaming of all mod cons.


The Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands is an archipelago, made up of 5 isles and situated in Malaysia. The second name of the spot is Pearly Gates. You may get to the tiniest isle by boat, with a ferryman, or which is much better, by speedboat or motorboat.


So if you are craving for beaches and untapped nature, visit Malaysia and enjoy its perfect beauty.

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