19 best beaches in USA

When visiting the USA, the coastal states to say exactly, everyone is sure to try swimming in the ocean. For that case we’ve made a TOP-selection of the best beaches 2015.



It is situated in Florida, 47 km lengthwise along the coastline. Being widely known in the country, the beach occurs to be one of the most popular resorts. It is the place where a lot of episodes and series have been shot. The territory is not a tiny narrow patch, but a quite spacious area so that a person needn’t hunt for a vacant “seat” from the very morning. Here you may enjoy classical coastal atmosphere, swimming and fine sunbathing.



There is an island, Maui by name, standing apart from the Hawaiian Islands. This heavenly corner is adored by the west film-stars. The local unique nature makes it the best variant for travelling. Tropical forests, caves, wonderful grounds for snorkeling and surfing, botanic gardens and forest preserves impress tourists greatly. Those who prefer lying in the sun are sure to be pleased as well. Kaanapali, the town, welcomes you with a luxurious resort, marvelous beaches and the Museum of whaling.

Santa Rosa


It is one of the most gorgeous shores of Florida, the state. The snow-white sand is dazzling, and the skyline seems to be boundless here. Just Santa Rosa gives a chance of admiring the fierce waves and absolutely calm waters. The blue depths beckon people to find a way into the world of marine creatures.



This spot attracts numerous tourists’ attention with a direct bearing on Hemingway, a greatest writer. The coast line is typical of Florida. There is a wide vast beach, clear water and plenty of attributes of active rest. But, frankly speaking, the same-named beach is less interesting than the town itself.



This is a favourite place for the Americans of all ages. The snow-white sandy beach is splendid, coloured with many bright patches of swimsuits. April and May is just the season for couples and teenagers to enjoy their leisure time here. Every year the coast entertains about 100 thousand of youthful tourists during Spring holidays. All the 5 km of the shore mesmerize dwellers from all over the country with ever-warm waters, sparkling sun beams and miraculous energetic atmosphere. The population of the same-named town, Panama City Beach, is about 8,000 people.



It is a well-known resort town, popular among the native Americans and travelers all over the world as well. It is just the dream, full of sea waters, sun and a lot of entertainments. And the jewel in the crown of the whole region is Waikiki, the beach, situated in the South of the island Oahu. Its name, translated from the language of the natives, means “streaming fresh water”.

Hanauma Bay


If you consider Eden-like beaches to be a strange fairy-tale, let us introduce Hanauma Bay, situated in Hawaii. This is the most magnificent beach in the whole world. Resembling illustrations to the Enchanting Paradise, the corner has even got the title of the best one on the American continent. And it is really worth this heading. Hanauma Bay has a unique character. It is located in a very exotic place, in the vent of the sunken volcano to say exactly, on the Oahu Isle. But visually it is a common cozy bay, surrounded with green tropical trees and bushes, a real Paradise for families. Nothing makes you think of its unusual origin.

Big Sur


It is situated in the neighbourhood of the same-named settlement near the Santa Lucia Mountains in California. This spot demonstrates all the natural grandeur and beauty, combining the waves and majestic rocks, which were formed under the influence of ancient volcanic explosions. Over the course of history the landscape was altered by oceanic waters, having created caverns and pass-through tunnels in the sea cliffs. It is the reason for which photographs pay such a tremendous attention to the place, getting a chance of making unforgettable snaps.



Martha’s Vineyard is an outstanding resort, rather hard to get into. Neither bridges, nor tunnels lead down there. One should go by sea or by air. The Vineyard is usually visited by world celebrities and well-off Americans as well. The most pleasant thing here is the picturesque beaches and Moshup among others. It is quite difficult to get to it by car, so you are recommended to take a cycle or just walk. Its tranquility and uncrowdedness are the most valuable points. Such an intimacy makes it possible to glorify the spot as a nude beach.

Paynes Bay


It is the so-called platinum coast of the Caribbean, located in the western part of Barbados, the island. The natives believe the spot to be the best beach of the Caribbean ever, offering opportunities for both quiet and active rest. There are great waves, suiting for extreme enjoyment,  for surfing-lovers on the eastern shore. As for the Paynes Bay itself, the corner is a real Paradise for divers with both fine diving conditions and the sea underworld of prodigious beauty. Besides, you may swim with the turtles, bathe or snorkel freely here because the area has nothing to do with dangerous sea creatures. One more popular activity is twin-hull boating.

Julia Pfeiffer


There are a lot of sandy shores in California, and one of them to be mentioned now is McWay, situated on the territory of Julia Pfeiffer, a picturesque park. The most exciting moment here is the absolute absence of cafes, restaurants, pubs and other leisure areas similar to. That is why the spot suits walking tours perfectly. You may feel natural privacy here and nothing seems to bother you; a wonderful corner for singles, philosophically tuned, isn’t it?



Such a luxurious place is situated on a splendid isle in the Hawaiian archipelago, Kauai by name. The beach and its surroundings are sure to give you an excellent possibility of enjoying watching the most picturesque landscapes in the USA. As few people know, it is the very corner where well-known movies, Avatar and The Jurassic Park, have been shot. Just Hawaiian gum-tree forests were used as a scenery of Pandora’s nature. As for the beach itself, it is famous for a coastline with sparkling golden sand. If you are tired of the daily routine and wishing to bathe in the sea and lye in the warm southern sun, this place is sure to satisfy all your needs perfectly.



Laguna Beach is a town on the southern coast in the state of California. It is widely-known for cordiality towards the guests and a no-nonsense attitude to peace-breaking. There are a lot of creeks along the shore, attracting both tourists and oceanic creatures. Local authorities forbid sea vessels to take course near the spot; so nothing can prevent you from absolute relaxation. Having much to enjoy, the local beach is considered to be the best one on the southern shore.



Volusia County in the state of Florida gives a shelter to Daytona Beach, a town and a same-named strandline. The population here is a bit more than 64,000 people, but, besides it, there are innumerable groups of tourists. Every year the whole quantity is huge, as a rule, consisting of more than 200,000 guests. One of their aims is to take part in mega events, for example, Speedweeks, special car-races, introduced by the house of Frank.

Saint Pete


Are you looking for beaches, which are Eden-like, and craving for a comfortable rest? The destination is found. It is located in Florida, the USA. The most remarkable spot in the list is Sent Peat Beach with the warmest temperature of the water all over the American coastline. The local sand is unique, pretty by touch. Moreover, the sunlight can’t heat it up. You are sure to feel some kind of blessing here, when watching the dusk, pink and purple in colours, and oceanic horizon with bathing dolphins.

Hanalei Bay


This bay is situated in the north of the isle of Kauai. The same-named beach attracts people who are fond of unique natural beauty, fine sand and miraculous azure, creating a dome above Hawaii. The corner is a centre of surfing pilgrimage. Hanalei Bay is an excellent place to try surfboarding, experienced instructors and quiet waters are sure to impress every novice.



It must be the very place to unite surfers all over the planet. “The best beach of the archipelago welcomes you!” This motto seems to be typical of Makapuu, in spite of its dangerous land swell. It is also famous for fine conditions for diving and other water sports. Besides, lovers of quiet relaxation are sure to be pleased with nice sand, splendid landscapes, clearest sea and warm weather here. It stands to reason that Hawaii are visited so often thanks to wonderful beaches and the finest shore.

Green Sand


This marvelous corner is the best one for honeymoon to be spent. It is situated 3 miles to the east of picturesque cliffs of Ka Lae (South Point) in the southern part of the state, in the isolated area on the northwestern coast of the isle of Hawaii to say exactly. Its unique character lies in a special green shade of the send, varying from olive to emerald and mossy. It is connected with the presence of chrysolite in the soil, semi-precious crystals, born by the Hawaiian volcanoes more than 49,000 years ago. There are parts of green diamonds in the rocks around the beach as well.

Na Pali Coast


Your dream being to visit Hawaii, go to Kauai, the island which occurred to be the first miraculous place to have been discovered in the archipelago. And you will be sure to pay attention to the jewel in its crown, Na Pali Coast, one of the most unique spots. Kauai having a volcanic nature, local rocky landscapes captivate with the splendour.

So you have a widest choice of various places for relaxation on the American coast.

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