11 best beaches in Mexico

Mexico is famous for colorful and beautiful beaches, which have everything necessary for unforgettable vacation. We would like to present you top 11 beaches, which you will definitely love. Our article will tell you about Cancun, Akumal, Playa-del-Carmen and other brilliant places in Mexico 2014-2015.



Have you ever heard about Cancun Beach, the elegant and beautiful spot in the Caribbean? The modern and popular tourist destination was a small village long ago. Cancun coastline looks like the “7” figure. It extends over 18 miles. The lower part of this strip of coast kisses the beautiful and charming sea.

The climate is tropical, and the temperature is warm year-round. Modern resorts are full with luxurious hotels, restaurants with delicious cuisine, interesting entertainments. If you go in for snorkeling, you will be happy here. If you are interested in history, don’t forget to visit Mayan ruins. Moreover, you will admire exotic picturesque landscapes and buy a few local souvenirs.



Akumal beach is located on the Caribbean coast. The Maya called this place “place of the turtles”. This beach attracts those, who love the mysterious underwater world. Moreover, this resort is good for singles, thanks to its calm and relaxing atmosphere. No one will ever disturb you here.

Akumal’s coral reef is considered the most beautiful in Mexico. So this is the ideal place for snorkeling: you will be greatly admired with fantastic underwater landscape, turtles and fish. Divers always visit the ship, which sank near here long ago.

Apart from snorkeling, Akumal beach offers many other kinds of entertainment: fishing, wetbike ride, scuba diving and so on.



Playa-del-Carmen Beach is a popular resort which started from a small fishing village. The local population calls this place Playa.

The beach is not far from Cancun. This place attracts those, who go in for beaches, entertainment and luxury.

Tourists come there in flocks the year round, because they want to relax on the beach, covered with snow-white sand. Ecotourism fans visit various parks and admire the colorful landscapes.



Puerto-Aventuras is an admirable resort in Mexico. The weather is excellent here year-round. The beach is sandy, the water is clean, its average temperature is 27 degree Celsius. This place is created for couples and for honeymoon.

The beach is covered with sot sand, and it is so pleasant to walk on it. Be careful, when going into the sea. There are some broken coral pieces on the sea bottom and you can step on them. But if you wear slippers, that’s not dangerous for you. If you go a bit further, you will find the sandy entrance into the sea. The sea is very calm here, so if you love fishing, you will be happy to have an unforgettable rest in this calm and relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, you can enjoy catamaran ride and waterskiing. The holiday at Puerto-Aventuras will be unforgettable for children, because they will have fun with dolphins. The ecopark with picturesque caves will greatly impress you.



Cabo-San-Lucas city is greatly popular in Mexico. The local landscapes are very beautiful, combining mountains, rocks and bays. The city is surrounded with deserts and various cacti. Cabo-San-Lucas is popular among Hollywood actors. Here they escape worries and troubles. This resort can’t be called cheap, it is filled with expensive and luxurious villas and numerous night clubs. The strip of coast stretches between the ocean and sea.

Cabo-San-Lucas is a great resort for families and singles, because everyone will admire exotic landscapes, beautiful nature and warm sea.

Puerto Morelos


Almost all Mexican resorts started with fishing villages, where fishers calmly lived. Puerto Morelos is no exception. Tourists love this place so much, that they want to stay here forever. That’s how they are attracted with colorful local life. That’s why many people buy houses here.

The strip of coast is not far from the city. Local people invite tourists to enjoy fantastic sea voyage. Puerto Morelos Beach can be called the best beach in Mexico. Here tourists feel the true Mexican style.



Cozumel is the largest tourist destination in the Caribbean, because it is the whole island. This resort can be on the top of the list of the most popular resorts in Mexico, because it offers the unforgettable rest. The coral reefs here are unbelievably beautiful. They are the main reason why this resort is popular in 2015 and in all times. The weather here is comfortable and warm year-round.

Tourists go there for snorkeling, diving and fishing. They admire the beautiful underwater world. It is full with so many various and beautiful creatures, that it’s impossible to specify them all. There you will see redfish, moray, angelfish and so on.

Nuevo Vallarta


Nuevo Vallarta resort is in the top of popular resorts in the whole world. It is located at the Bay of Banderas. Tourists enjoy the sandy beach, fantastic yacht voyages, dolphins watching. The beach stretches over 4 miles. It’s covered with white sand and filled with luxurious villas, golf courses, man-made lakes and restaurants.

Nuevo Vallarta is full with various places of interest, and the most interesting one is Splash Water Park. Its water slides are about 65 feet. Adults and children have great fun there! That’s why this place is ideal for families!



Lovers Beach is located on the Baja peninsula. This place is really unique, because it is located on the coastline of the Pacific ocean and Gulf of California. This place can be reached only through the water, by various boats and cayaks which can be rented in Cabo-San-Lucas.



The ancient Maya town, Tulum, was founded long before Columbus. It was built from the 9th to the 13th centuries, its local population died because of diseases, brought by Spanish conquistadors.

Nowadays Tulum is a popular tourists’ destination. There is a well-preserved coastal Maya site. Going there, tourists enjoy picturesque view and exotic nature. This is a good resort for singles and couples who love archeology and want to know more about the Mayas.

Sian Kaan


The Yukatan peninsula is famous for picturesque landscapes and exotic nature. This is a beautiful place, attracting tourists from various countries. Sian Kaan Beach is located in the Centro Ecologico Sian Ka’an, a popular place for ecotourism and studying the tropical nature. Tourists enjoy fishing, walking and on-site activities.

The nature is colorful and beautiful here. This place is good for singles, who love to have a solitary rest.

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