10 best beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is an exotic and unusual country, so it offers unforgettable and exotic vacation. Beaches in Vietnam are extremely popular among those who go in for snorkeling and relaxing. We will tell you about Vung Tau, Da-Nang, Lang Co and other wonderful beaches of Vietnam.


da-nang 1823-DaNang-img_b biendanang1

Having rest at Da-Nang Beach is not expensive, so it’s popular among many tourists. You definitely can afford relaxing here. Hotels and various types of accommodation are not expensive here either, but if you have decided to spend your holiday here, so think about the accommodation beforehand. There are not many hotels along the coastline, many various ones are situated far from the shore.

Da-Nang coast stretches over 12 miles, it consists of many various beaches. The locals often go to My Khe beach, there are always crowds of people, so this place is not good for those who don’t like crowds. Non Nuoc Beach is less crowded. Beautiful marble caves are located there. Due to the great choice of beaches, everyone will be able to find the best variant.

Vung Tau


Only the nobles lived at Vung Tau cape, and now it’s a popular tourists’ destination. The coastline consists of many different beaches. Some of them are modern, well-equipped, looking like European, and others are small and wild, unfamiliar to majority of tourists.

Ho Chi Minh residents and tourists from various countries have a fantastic rest at Vung Tau Beach. Its territory is divided into several various parts. Vung Tau is the most crowded at the weekends, because many people want to exchange their routine for beaches.

Con Dao


Condao island is famous for beautiful landscapes, exotic nature, coconut palms, mangrove forests, white sand, clean sea, unique plants and animals. Tourists climb the top of the mountain and admire the picturesque view of the island and sea landscapes. Tourists never forget breathtaking places upon the sea. Evergreen tropical forests are full with rich vegetation and exotic animals.

Mui Ne

girls-sand-dunes-vietnam_21943_600x450 Mui-Ne-Boats

The broad shoreline stretching between Phan Thiet and Mui Ne is called Mui Ne Beach. This place is greatly popular among tourists from various countries, but Russian tourists can be found here in the amazing quantity. It seems that Mui Ne Beach is a part of Russia: everywhere Russian language is heard, restaurants have menus in Russian, Russian movies are played at cinemas. So this place is for those, who like Russians and go in for beaches.

Lang Co

lang-co-village-vietnam LANG_CO_011

Hue is a large resort city with a national park, unique places of interest, entertaining places and excellent restaurants. Tourists are attracted to this town and its Lang Co beach, which is located next to it. This place is good for families, because both adults and children enjoy being there.

Ha Long

Thesuiteworld_halong_bay_travels buhta-Halong

This place is so beautiful, that you won’t believe your eyes when you see it for the first time. This beach is good for couples and for singles, in other words, for everyone! The beach is located in Ha Long Bay, where a great number of small islands rise from the clear water. This view will never be forgotten. The place is good for ecotourism, because many people visit the local caves. It is so exciting to explore secrets of Ha Long Bay!

Phu Quoc

Phu_Quoc_Southern_Islands 66085_460107_11

Beaches of Phu Quoc island belong to Vietnam territory, but they are located very close to Cambodia. The sand here is extremely beautiful, pinkish and white. The water is emerald. This combination looks fantastic. This place is good for honeymoon, so beautiful and romantic it is. Many palms are located near the shoreline, and they give the necessary and cool shadow. The island has its own airport, but its roads leave much to be desired.

Nanchang Beach


Nanchang Beach is considered the best one in Vietnam. It stretches over 4 miles and is located in the bay, ideal for snorkeling. Nanchang has about 20 diving centers, where all tourists can learn and enjoy diving. The underwater world of Nanchang is awesome and full of various kinds of fish, shrimp, octopuses and calamaries. So this beach is the best resort destination 2015.

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