Top 10 Gifts You Can Give Your Wife On Her Birthday

wifeChoosing gifts has always been hard and complicated. When it concerns your wife, the process is next to impossible, isn’t it? It can be explained that your love which you have for your special lady. Your gift will be the best way of expressing her all your gratitude, love and appreciation. If you are lost in choice, just pick one of our Top 10 gifts you can give your wife on her birthday.


But first of all let’s glance through the categories your special gift can belong to.


  • Something unique. Only special gifts can make your wife feel special. Buy her something rare, something, which can’t be seen on the surface. Some artwork or the first edition of the book which means much to her.
  • Something beautiful. All women are willing to be and stay beautiful, and they appreciate beautiful things so much. Jewelry makes them feel more confident and improves their appearance.
  • Something personalized. It can be anything: cushions, mugs, photo frames. You can put some romantic and personalized words on them.
  • Your wife loves modern and fashionable gadgets as much as you do. The choice is great: you can buy her a digital camera, or a smartphone, or a laptop.
  • Something delicious. You definitely know what your special lady prefers. Then cook her what she will surely love and appreciate. Whether it be candies or Japanese food, she will be grateful.

Events Gifts

The best variant is combination of the gift and some positive impressions. For instance, you can invite your special lady to a restaurant and hand her a gift wrapped in a beautiful box when you both are at the table. Romantic women appreciate dinner in the candlelight, so why not giving her this?

  1. If you can’t afford an expensive restaurant, then invite her to a romantic picnic at night (of course, if the special day is in summer).
  2. Another idea for you is giving her a spa voucher. At spa salon she will feel totally relaxed and happy.
  3. If she was born in one town and lives in another, you can take her to her motherland. She will be happy to remember her school, her first house and the streets she would walk long.

Handmade Gifts


If you make gifts for your lady yourself, she will greatly appreciate it. You shouldn’t be scared of possible mistakes and fails. Just try! Your friend’s support can be useful here. Together you can cook for your wife, make her a delicious and huge birthday cake.

You also can make her a photo collage or a photo book where you will put important photos reminding her of your important events, which she and you both had together.

Top 10 Ideas


  • A romantic picnic under the moon and the stars. Your wife will feel young again and get the impressions that she has never had before.
  • Personalized mugs or cushions. Those cozy things will always remind her of that celebrations.
  • A handmade photo book. All your memories and impressions collected in a book.
  • Gift Hamper. This idea is good, because here you can combine everything your wife loves: candies, books, CDs, small stuffed toys. This collection is personalized, and thus your wife will understand how much you know her preferences, tastes and dreams.
  • Sexy underwear. Giving this gift, you express your admiration to your wife’s body.
  • Her favorite perfume.
  • Candies. All girls and women love something delicious and sweet.
  • Romantic getaway. She and you can go anywhere she wants. Make her dreams come true.
  • A fashionable cell phone. Modern cell phones with their useful applications become real assistants and friends.
  • Jewelry. A beautiful bracelet or a luxurious necklace will make every woman happy.

Some Tips For You

  1. The gift doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. Even a cheap thing can become an ideal gift, if it was chosen according to her tastes.
  2. All girls love laughing. Why not buying or writing her something funny?
  3. Your wife definitely wants to get some gift from you. And she isn’t absolutely sure that you are aware of her dreams and wishes. Just open up your ears: your special lady is surely making you some hints.
  4. Don’t’ buy her the things that she is used to buying herself. You can simply fail while handing her the clothing or cosmetic items.

In conclusion…

Women of Canada, the USA and Europe are all the same, yet each of them is unique. You know your wife, her preferences and tastes, so you definitely can get her the perfect present which will be remembered forever. Just be creative and attentive and listen to your heart while choosing the birthday present.

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