Top 10 Gifts You Can Give Your Girlfriend On Her Birthday

So, a special day is approaching, isn’t it? Have you prepared that special gift for the girl you love? It definitely must be perfect, because your girlfriend deserves the best, doesn’t she? If you haven’t chosen the gift yet, you have found the right article, because here you will see Top 10 gifts you can give your girlfriend on her birthday! But at first, let’s glance through various categories, the gift can belong to.


  • Though this idea can’t be called creative, it is still good. A beautiful bracelet, bright earrings or a fashionable necklace – the only limit for your imagination is the amount of money in your wallet or pocket.
  • Decorative items. Your girlfriend surely loves cute and beautiful little things. She will be awfully happy when you hand her a fine statuette, colorful cushions or a picture of you and her in a beautiful frame.
  • Stuffed toys. If your beloved girl likes animals, you can offer her a stuffed animal, for example, a stuffed kitten or dog.
  • Delicious items. What about giving your girlfriend her favorite candies? Don’t forget wrap the candy box nicely.
  • Flowers and plants. A bunch of flowers should accompany any gift you have chosen. If she goes in for gardening, you can present her potted plants.
  • Music Gift. A CD with some romantic music or a musical instrument she can play.
  • Outdoor and spots items. If your beloved girl goes in for sports, you can hand her a pair of first-class running shoes or a good bike.
  • Hobby items. You can express her that you value her hobbies and appreciate her activities and buy her some items, relating to them. For example, a sketchbook and good pencils will be a great, useful and cheap gift, if she likes drawing.

Handmade Gifts

You girlfriend will definitely appreciate the gift, made by you. For instance, you can make her a scrapbook where you will tell about the stuff your happy couple has been doing together. The more pics and photos, the better!

  1. Or you can make a photobook, describing the biography of your love from the moment of your first date.
  2. Another idea for you: a list of the reasons why you greatly appreciate and love your girlfriend. Don’t forget to describe her appearance, personality and her love for you.

Events Gifts


The gifts, that can be taken, given and touched, are good, but a bit boring. What about giving her unusual impressions? What about going to a restaurant or to a picnic with her? And remember  to take photos – she and you will be happy to remember this magical day, which belonged only to you two.

If you have chosen a visit to a restaurant, remember that it’s you who will surely pay the bill.

Top 10 Ideas


So here we have collected all the best ideas for you.

  • A bicycle.
  • A romantic picnic somewhere in the part or on the riverside.
  • A photobook, made by you.
  • A birthday cake or candies.
  • A stuffed animal. The bigger, the better!
  • A makeup set.
  • A visit to a luxurious restaurant.
  • A fashionable handbag.
  • A romantic trip.
  • Jewelry. All girls love jewelry, because it makes them look more beautiful and confident.

Some tips for you

Do you want your girlfriend to remember your gift forever? Just give her the thing or impressions what she really wants. How can you know about her desires, wishes and dreams? Just ask her! Don’t be shy.

  1. If you have asked and received the answer, but can’t afford buying this gift, buy her something different. For example, if she has shown you the necklace of her dream, but it costs too much, you should not buy a cheaper necklace. You’d better choose a perfume or another kind of jewelry.
  2. No matter what gift you will choose, it must be accompanied with a luxurious bunch of beautiful flowers and a self-made card. Even if you are not a talented painter, do draw some picture and write some personal note about your love for her.
  3. Wrap the gift. The box must be beautifully decorated.
  4. Give her the experience that she has never had before. Make her birthday the most unusual and wonderful day!

In conclusion…

No matter where you live: in the USA, in Canada or in Europe, you can find nice gift shops or choose online shopping. Start choosing the ideal gift beforehand.

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