Top 10 Gifts You Can Give Your Best Friend For His Birthday

Your best friend is the person, who you have known for many and many years. Maybe you both have been friends since your childhood. Male-on-male friendship is known to be everlasting. So when your best friend’s birthday is not far, you want to give him something useful and something remarkable. You will find some ideas in our top 10 gifts you can give your best friend for his birthday.



  1. Items for hobby. Since it is your best friend, you surely know everything about his hobby. Maybe he is crazy about sports, so in this case get him the items, connected with his favorite kind of sports: a pair of excellent running shoes or a mountain bike.
  2. Funny items. No doubt you and your friend are humorous guys and love to have hearty laugh. If your gift can make him laugh, than it’s a good gift. You can touch the joke only you two can understand, or remind him of some funny video or event in his life.
  3. Musical items. If you know your buddy’s favorite singer or group, give him a CD of their music. If he plays some musical instrument himself, buy it to him! If he has a guitar, but no time for learning how to play it, but him a useful CD or a book, which will be a nice manual for him.
    Collection items. If your buddy collects something good, unusual or crazy, you can easily give him another item for his collection. This gift will be taken with gratitude.
  4. Now it is time to go through our comprehensive list. You will definitely find something worth choosing and buying. A T-shirt with something funny written or drawn on it. Your buddy won’t probably put this gift on, but he will definitely have a good laugh.

Top 10 Ideas

  • A photo collage of your friendship.
  • A fishing rod. You fisher friend will immediately give this gift a try somewhere on the river or lake.
  • A set of tools.
  • A mountain bike. Though this gift is expensive, your best friend will be awfully happy to take it.
  • A favorite musical instrument (a flute or a guitar).
  • An item for his collection.
  • A luxurious watch.
  • A pocket knife.
  • A new and expensive gadget: a phone, digital camera or a laptop.

Handmade Gifts

If you want to save your cash, but still you are eager to make your buddy happy, you can give him the handmade gift. But remember that you must be really good at making things! Draw his portrait or create his sculpture, make a skateboard or a snowboard for him, cook him something delicious!

  1. If you two have been friends since your early years, you can make a beautiful collage of you and your friends getting older.
  2. The handmade gifts are cheap, but still they can bring much happiness and joy.

Events Gifts

If your buddy is a fan of any type of sports, buy him tickets to the game. If he goes in for extreme sports, invite him to parachute jump – he will never forget those minutes! But if you are against this type of adventure, you can choose something calm but pleasant. For example, fishing.

In conclusion…

Canada or Europe, the USA or Russia… The countries are different, and so are men. But you know your childhood friend like no one does, so you will surely make him happy with your creative and unusual gift.

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