Top 10 online business ideas

Online business is easy and fast to start. It’s more convenient, because when you work online, your home is your comfortable and cozy office. Which means no renting, no office, no routine. The first thing your online business needs is an outstanding and remarkable website. Its design must be perfect and its usability must be friendly, otherwise you won’t be able to attract customers and work with them. Moreover, you will utilize social media, learn much about email marketing and use search engine optimization. Other assistants in your work will be your imagination and passion. Together with them you will surely get success in online business.


So if you think you have got everything necessary for becoming a new online entrepreneur 2015, here we have collected top 10 best business ideas, which you can start online.

  • Specialized retailer. What about creating your own online store? Thus you will reach a great number of customers from many various countries. You can specialize and choose your favorite sphere. There are no limits: you can choose clothing, dog food or dollhouse furniture – everything will find its audience. We would recommend you to choose the sphere which you like and know. You can use e-commerce software and special web hosting with a shopping cart. Various vendors will get in touch with your online store and ship their products on your behalf. Which means no buying any inventory.
  • Social media consultant. Large companies can be located in this or that country: Canada, Russia, the USA and so on. But still they are constantly attracting new customers and partners with the assistance of online marketing means. They use Twitter, or Instagram, or Facebook accounts and they need somebody to run them. But large companies are too busy to do that themselves, and they hire specialists who will develop and implement their social media strategy. This consultant determines the perfect tactics, posts various and attractive content for the company’s target audience. If you are creative enough and you know what content will interest customers, you can try yourself in social media consultanting for any large company. Of course, you should know much about this company and its target audience.
  • Web design. Every company needs a solid website. Wherever the company is located, in China or in the UK, in Russia or in Europe, it needs customers from their own country and from the rest of the universe. And here only a good website can help. That’s why companies hire specialists who create websites with easy-to-use interface. Why not becoming one of those specialists? The first thing you make is your portfolio, and then your own website. Here you will show your customers everything you can. Finally a stream of customers will come to you. You should create website of various styles, so that your potential customers can admire how broad your possibilities are.
  • Cover letter and resume writing. Everyone in need of a perfect job, must start with the perfect resume. That may seem a tough truth, but you will definitely understand it. Some people find it extremely difficult and even impossible to write about their advantages, their previous experience and so on. You can help those poor people – you can write their resume for them. And what more? You can also help people to find a new job via LinkedIn profiles and other marketing means.
  • Professional freelancer. Freelancing is useful for companies, because they can find specialists in various spheres. This work is also useful for freelancers themselves, because they don’t visit the  office, but still they are paid regularly. You can act as an independent freelancer or you can as well create a company, where freelancers of different spheres will unite. It is always easier to struggle together.
  • Nutrition or health coach. Proper nutrition is extremely important for everyone, especially for the USA, where about 70% of adult population is considered overweight. Many people need to eat better for losing their weight. And here they need a nutrition consultant who will offer them correct meal plans. If you give your nutrition knowledge and personal support to your customers, you will teach them how they can lose weight and improve their health. If you have won the weight battle yourself, you can show your “before and after” photos. Thus people will believe you.
  • eBook author. This sphere is for those having much knowledge on this or that subject and who are eager to share them with the world. Thanks to self-publication, they can find their e-readers, who will get eager to pay for their eBooks. The content which you make must be interesting and well-sold, for example weight loss tips or cooking recipes.
  • Remote technical support. Small companies can’t afford keeping the full-time IT specialist, and in case of need they call an IT specialist, who is their family member or somebody like that. But if you have long and successful experience and knowledge of networks and computers, you can offer such small companies your immediate and first-class technical assistance.
  • Handmade craft seller. Thanks to such websites as ArtFire or Etsy crafters can easily sell their handmade items. This business is good for people, who can make beautiful things. The startup costs here are very low, because you can buy the necessary material in bulk. If you attract many customers and turn their orders around quickly enough, you will make huge profit! Your next step will be your own online store.
  •  Teaching online courses. Are you a professional in this or that sphere? You should not keep all your knowledge to yourself! Share them with the world! Go and teach other people and help them to make their life more interesting. No matter what you are good at: baking, yoga or gardening, just make your own instructional videos or offer Skype lessons.

So this is the whole list. The ideas are different here, so make your choice and be sure that it reflects your own interests.

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