Top 10 franchise in USA

Franchising is one of the best business ideas, because it is popular and simple. It means a method of expanding your business while distributing some services or goods through a licensing relationship.

The business partners in franchising are called franchisors and franchisees. The franchisor is a company or a person granting the license to the franchisee for conducting the business under their trademarks. Franchisee is a company or a person who does business under the received license and the franchisor’s trademark.

The franchising business keeps on expanding and developing, and every entrepreneur has a chance in this sphere. It is easy to start your own business when you are supported by a famous franchisor. Here you will learn about top 10 franchises. We made this list according to the companies’ financial system, popularity, stability and growth rates.

Hampton Hotels


Hampton Hotels is a unique and successful brand, because here a culture of hospitality is a great value. Here it is called “Hamptonality”, which represents the attention, paid to this factor. This is the main reason why this company tops our list in 2015, like it did in previous years. The other reasons are comfortable rooms, a guarantee of clean bed and a money-back policy where no questions are ever asked.

The company has a wide network of hotels in various countries, for example in Russia or in Poland, and everywhere its service is brilliant. On the whole, the Hampton Hotels brand embraces 16 countries and has about 2,000 hotels there.

The following country where Hampton Hotels company is going to locate its hotels is China. Within next several years there will be about 400 hotels in this country. Working with Hampton Hotels as a franchisor will bring you great success. For example, within the years of 2013 and 2014, about 33 hotels have been created under the HH’s license by franchisees.

Anytime Fitness


Anytime Fitness is a popular 24-hour fitness club chain. At the moment this brand is having the stellar moment, because it is developing and expanding tremendously. In January, 2015 Anytime Fitness received its 2 millionth client, moreover, there will be about 350 new gyms under this trademark.

Anytime Fitness is widely known in the USA, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries. On the whole, the gyms of Anytime Fitness are located in 20 countries. And this is not the limit for this brand, because in 2015 its franchisees will open about 350 new units. As Anytime Fitness is open for its clients 24/7, it is a popular place, which attracts a great number of customers. This is a great place for fitness investments.



It is a popular network of restaurants and it keeps on opening new units in the U.S. and other countries. At the moment, Subway covers about 40 thousand restaurants in over 100 countries. New units are being located in unexpected places, for example, in Walmart stores or hospitals.

But an enormous quantity of Subways’ units is not the only reason why Subway is one of the leaders in franchising sphere. The quality also matters here. Subway keeps on creating new delicious items, for example, flatbread pizzas called Flatizzas. In 2015 Subway is the leader in the sphere of fast-food restaurants. It also rules in franchising sphere, and it is proved by over 42 thousand units, which are not company owned.

Jack in the Box


In 2005 the franchising business with Jack in the Box was not so successful as it is now. At the moment over 80 percent of this chain is owned by the brand’s franchises. This can be explained by the change of the company’s direction, because now it is expanding widely.

Jack in the Box differs from other restaurants. Its menu consists of almost everything, from egg rolls to tacos. And it still keeps on innovating, creating new items, for example, croissant donuts and breakfast burritos. The profits of franchising with Jack in the Box are not less than the advantages of working with McDonald’s. About 500 Jack’s restaurants are not company-owned.



Supercuts is a network of hair salons which is constantly developing. Though the percentage of its items which are not company-owned is still small, its management is developing their franchise business. In 2012 the company changed the direction of expansion and became a friendly franchise partner. The result of this new policy turned out amazing: over 100 units have been opened across the USA and now there are over 2,500 Supercuts’ hair salons.

According to Supercuts’ franchise development vice president Kurt Landwehr, the majority of Supercuts franchisees are professionals, attracted by the brand’s stability and success. Thanks to them the trademark will keep on expanding and bringing much profit to its partners. Kurt Landwehr adds that the company is still looking for franchisees with strong track records. As Supercuts brand is dynamic, it needs a proper branding.

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches


Jimmy John’s is a unique network of fast food restaurants, because it is “freaky fast”. That’s what this brand tells about itself. Moreover, it doesn’t consider itself the best one in the fast food sphere. It also doesn’t change its menu and doesn’t offer any special promos.

But this place is still popular thanks to the crazy rapidness of services. And Jimmy John’s keeps on expanding and winning hearts of new customers and franchisees. The biggest part of Jimmy John’s growth comes from them. The brand’s owners realize the value of franchisees’ work and consider their investments the main reason for their success.



This company is a leader in restoration sphere. It has been restoring and cleaning customers’ property for over 40 years. Servpro’s success is based upon a great number of franchises. Serpro’s franchisees are trained professionals who are ready to restore and clean houses from top to bottom.

The company has created a special tool for franchisees and it’s called DryBook. This software helps them to control their work and make it better. Homeowners, who are Serpro customers, get to know about the planned time for their restoration, using this tool. Servpro has also created another branch, profitable for franchising. It’s restoration of damaged photos, documents and medical files.



Denny’s is a diner, popular in the U.S. It is famous for delicious menu and creative approach. For example, this brand tells about adventures of Pancake, Sausage, Bacon and Egg. This animated web series are called “The Grand Slams”. Denny’s menu is always something special and unusual. It has “Hobbit” version and the “remixed” variant, combining breakfast with classic video games. Denny’s is open for franchising, and new units have been opened by its franchisees. At the moment there are about 1,500 Denny’s units. The company is constantly expanding, locating its units in the U.S. and other countries.

Pizza Hut


This company is the leader in the U.S. pizza market. It started its franchising business several years ago, and now it can be considered as the largest players in this field. The company is famous for fast delivery service. Its franchisees do their business with the support from the largest pizza company. Recently the company has launched a new design, a new logo, a new menu and a new uniform. The company’s menu has been constantly expanding, offering new ingredients for pizzas.



7-Eleven is a company, embracing over 54 thousand stores located worldwide. New units keep on appearing and opening, and many of them are not company-owned. Its selection consists of various first-class products, from wine to nuts and from beer to batteries. That’s why it is widely popular among consumers.

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