Top 10 best business ideas 2015

Nowadays it is profitable to become an entrepreneur. There are several reasons for that. First of all, the modern technology is so powerful, that it helps to develop any business ideas. Thanks to developed social media it is easy to stay close with many various people at the same time and this fact also helps to promote any business idea without expensive promotional campaigns.

The choice of possible business ideas is very wide and it’s possible to get lost in this variety. Here you will see the list of 10 best business ideas 2015 and you will be able to choose the perfect variant.

Healthcare Consulting

Team of medical doctors

Health is the most important thing for everyone. Healthcare industry keeps on developing, expanding and changing. If you are a medical practitioner and willing to help people, you can become a healthcare consultant. You can offer various data and management help, work for labs, therapist offices and hospitals, and create new ways of improving efficiency and saving money. So this is a fantastic chance for you to use your economic or marketing degree.

Food Truck


Another thing, important as much and health, is food. Food truck industry is also developing greatly and its revenue keeps on increasing from year to year. Food truck is less expensive and more successful investment than any brick-and-mortar café or restaurant. This business is risk free, and it is proven by recent research, showing that the failure rate is as small as 10 percent! So everything you need is just some delicious and unique recopies and good equipment. Those are two important components of your success in this business idea.



Many various companies have some skill gaps in the staff, that’s why they need freelance services. That’s where you are needed. You can offer your freelance services on your own, or you can unite several freelancers and create the whole company providing their services! The most profitable freelance services are the following: academic writing, data processing, data entry, Web search and translation, according to The hourly rate is quite different. It can start at about $20 an hour and increase up to hundreds of dollars.



Nowadays the global marketplace is constantly developing and growing. It creates the cross-cultural communication and a great need for good translators. Professional translators are always needed everywhere and their number keeps on growing. So if you know any foreign language well enough, you can earn much money. You can bring business partners together, no matter what country they are from.

Traveling salon


This business idea is about senior services. It is clear that all women want to look good, but not of them have a possibility to go to a salon themselves. You and your mobile salon can help them. You can travel from customer to customer and do their nails or hair. This business idea will never fail, because beauty is as important as health and food.

Vending machine business


This business idea is about food again, but with a little difference. Majority of vending machines offers soda and chips and you can’t consider them healthy. But your vending machines can be a great exception, because you can offer customers something healthy! Health-oriented companies offer everyone to own and service a couple of their vending machines. They can be placed everywhere: at schools, in parks, in offices and other public buildings. So this idea gives you a chance to test the waters and start your own business.

Smartphone repair


Smartphones are something that neither entertainment nor business can live without. But they are also something that gets dropped or broken. Sometimes fixing a smartphone costs as much as buying a new one. You can follow the example of some entrepreneur who created the whole chain of repair stores and called them iDropped.



There is always a need of such contractors as roofers, electricians, painters, plumbers and many others. Skilled labor and professionalism are always required. So if home owners are ready to spend some money for improving their homes, they will definitely call you. If you are a skilled and professional worker, of course. You can start with working as an ordinary contractor, but then you can create the whole company offering services of various workers. You can develop and enlarge your company, that’s where you will get success.

Testing business


There are so many programs and applications! Some of them are excellent and useful, but others can bring much harm. So it is safe to listen to some professionals before using them. And you can become that professional who tests programs and applications. Such knowing people are in great demand. This sphere promises great possibility for growing and developing.

Business services


Some companies cut back some staff during hard times, and after that don’t want to rehire. Instead they outsource some business functions to other companies. This sphere is for those providing human resources, marketing or healthcare management or any other services. It is a great chance for those entrepreneurs who are going to run their own small business. As this business sphere is not dominated by big players, everyone has a chance.

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